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Exodus Window Film

What began as a professional operation in Delhi, flowered in Qatar in 2008. Seeing the nation’s quest to grow in tune with the fast progressing world, we discovered a vacuum in the availability of exclusive professionals and a dedicated company for glass tinting, decorative and safety films. Sensing opportunity, we offered our experience and dedication to this field and today we stand proudly for what we are.

We are Exodus Window Film Co., providing products of the highest standard and professional installation. We deliver detailed design and specifications for every product we represent depending on client’s requirements. Our established track proves our ability to deliver a quality service and product to the customer requirement and satisfaction at any time.

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Quality Assurance

Our quality plan comprises a system of instruction, covering all activities required to carry out a project from award of contract through to completion of work and handover. It ensures all works satisfy the required level of quality in a timely manner in accordance with the project specification.

Qualified Technicians

Qualified Technicians

To ensure lasting quality all our films are professionally installed by qualified installers well trained by experience instructors to provide unmatchable quality.